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We review traditional treatments and equine alternative therapies to keep your horse or pony in top condition and fitness.

This includes horse advice and articles on massage for horses, equine nutrition, homeopathy for horses, Horse Dentistry, causes of lameness (such as Laminitis and Mud Fever) and diseases such as Equine Cushings Disease and respiratory problems and ways to treat them.

We also look at Equine Insurance to help you to cover the cost of veterinary treatment.

It is always wise to consult your veterinary surgeon, especially in an emergency, but these pages aim to give you an horse care insight and reference to the different equine therapies, treatments and training methods that are available for your horse.


Horse receiving massageMassage is a therapy that has been used on horses for several centuries. There are many forms of equine massage, all providing numerous benefits.

The techniques are designed to release muscle tension, increase range of motion and improve circulation in the horse.

Stamina, performance and the quality and length of the horses stride are also often improved as a result.

Owners often notice relaxation of the horses mind, calming and a better temperament after a course of massage therapy.

Read more about Equine Muscle Release Therapy and Equine Body Work

A correctly fitted saddle is essential to the performance and comfort of any horse or pony Computerised saddle fitting is a new high tech way.

Read how this gives horse owners and riders an accurate record of how a saddle fits.

We also look at bitting, including how to select, fit and use hackamore bridles and pelham bits on your horse or pony.


There is a huge choice of equine feeds, mixes, hay, bran, haylageand horses supplements such as omega 3 oils, biotin, selenium, seaweed , electrolytes, Garlic , Devils Claw, carrots, Glucosamine and other joint supplements available for horses and ponies. We take a look at them in our Feed and Nutrition section, which includes advice on feeding Fruit and Vegetables


If you are looking for somewhere to stable your horse or pony - whether on full, part or DIY livery - we have lots of livery yards listed in counties including Berkshire, Cambs, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Herts, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire

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