Feeding Fruit and Vegetables To Horses and Ponies

bunch of carrots - a nutritious treat for a horse Many horse and pony owners like to add fruit and vegetables to feed as a change to their horse's diet and encourages poor feeders to eat their food.

The most popular additions are apples and carrots, but there are other fruits and vegetable which are safe to feed to a horse.

Lots of different types of fruits and vegetables are fed to horses, so you have a variety to choose from.

Apples and carrots are popular as they are easily available.

Swedes, turnips, broccoli, beetroot, celery and cabbage leaves are also safe vegetables to feed to horses and are frequently added to feeds.

A large swede hung up in the stable can help to prevent boredom.

Some sources give advice that pumpkins and potato peelings can be poisonous to horses - so are probably best avoided. although pumpkin seeds can be very nutritious.

Most fruits are safe in small quantities if the pips or stones are removed.

In some hotter countries, horses are said to love oranges and grapefruits.


Bananas are good for horses as they contain potassium - they can be fed with the banana peel stilll on.

Its becoming very popular with competition riders to give their horses bananas - much like you see tennis players eating a banana between sets at a grand slam event.

Its important to remember that your horse is likely to be quite happy just having apples and carrots, so you shouldn’t feel that you have to use other fruit and vegetables.

However a slice of apple or carrot is a much healthier treat than a sugary mint!

Whichever fruit or vegetables you choose to feed a horse should be free from mould - don't just feed mouldy leftovers from the fruit bowl - Mould can be deadly to a horse.


Fruit and vegetables should be cut into strips, not chunks that can get lodged in the throat, before feeding to a horse to avoid choking.

Ensure that all large pips or stones are removed from fruit.


While succulents such as fruit and vegetables are useful for encouraging horses and ponies to eat their feed, it’s more important to ensure that your horse is receiving a balanced diet containing the nutrients required for good health.

So make sure that the feed ration you give is appropriate for your horse’s dietary requirements

Advice about Feeding a Horse or pony different types of vegetables and fruit -
including carrots, apples, banana, swede, orange to add variety to diet.
How to prepare vegetables and fruit for adding to a horses feed