Treating bruised soles homeopathically with Arnica

Arnica Montana is the best choice of equine homeopathic remedy for treating a horse or pony with lameness caused by a bruised sole or sensitive hooves.

Homeopathic Arnica Montana can be bought in pellet form from health foods stores.

You can use this for your horse, or you may look for a specialist equine homeopathy supplier.

Arnica pellets and gels can be safely bought online from many reputable Homeopathic Medicine suppliers.

To treat the horse's bruised sole - carefully take 1 pellet and dissolve it in water.

Draw this homeopathic solution into a sterile syringe. Now squirt a portion on to the bruised soles. Repeat for 1-3 times per day for 2 to 3 days.

If available Arnica Gel can also be used for a lame horse with bruised soles. Rub onto the affected sole for a couple of days or until the bruising goes and the lameness is reduced.

Using Arnica as an equestrian homeopathic remedy works by helping the horse's body to re-absorb the blood or serum from a bruised area. This helps healing and reduces the pain in the sole and hoof .

. arnica montana for bruised soles in horses


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