Chaste Berry - Herbal Help for hormonal "Moody Mares"

Moody Mare gazingMany horse owners have problems with Moody Mares and control this difficult behaviour by feeding a supplement containing the herb known as Chaste Berry or Vitex Agnus-Castus.

Mares, like humans, can suffer from PMS before and during coming into season - they can become stroppy,  marish, irritable, difficult to handle and difficult to ride.

It is estimated that around 10% of mature mares will get symptoms that affect their performance when coming into season or the time of oestrus.

If you are looking for a herbal supplement to help your moody mare then an equine herbal supplement containing Chaste Berry may help you.

Chaste Berry, otherwise known as Agnus-Castus, or Monk's Pepper if given just before a mare's season begins, and continued throughout each season can have a beneficial effect on the horse's temperament.

Although the herb Chaste Berry can not be guaranteed to work in all cases, many horse owners have found that chaste berry can help to control the aggressive and unsociable behaviour caused by hormone imbalance and PMS.

Research carried out in Germany has shown that chaste berry has an effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the horse. The pituitary gland in the horse regulates other glands of the mare's body, including the hormones which are responsible for causing moody behaviour during the time when a mare comes into season.

It has also been shown that feeding chaste berry or vitex agnus-castus can reduce the oestrogen balance in the horse's body.

Vitex Agnus Castus can be bought in powder form or can be found in herbal equine feed supplements for Moody Mares such as Equilibrium a calming herbal feed supplement from Hilton Herbs.


Chaste berry aka Vitex Agnus Castus is a plant of the vervain family which naturally grows in a wide area which stretches from the Mediterranean to Western Asia. It can be found growing alongside water, especially fast flowing rivers and streams.  It also grows naturally in the dry rocky terrain on the Italian and Greek coastlines.

Vitex Agnus Castus is an aromatic shrub which carries long fronds of pale lilac flowers. It bears and small hard brown hard fruits.

Chaste berry has been used medicinally since about 400BC.

The Romans  and Greeks used Chaste berry to correct a woman's hormone imbalance.

By around 900 AD this herb was being widely used as a herbal remedy for medicinal purposes in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and Persia .

In the 16th century Chaste Berry became popular with herbalists in England and was widely grown throughout England.


It is generally recommended that you add 15g of Agnus Castus powder daily to your horse's feed.

 Feed chaste berry & agnus castues herbal feed supplements to help moody mares