Australian Nosband or Australian Cheeker Bridle

Australian cheeker noseband for a horse's bridleThe Australian Cheeker Noseband, often called an Australian noseband or cheeker is most often used to stop racehorses getting their tongue over the bit and control horse that pull hard.

The Australian Noseband is now becoming more popular with eventing competitors who use it during the cross country phase.

An Australian Noseband is made of rubber and is buckled to the headpiece of the bridle.

It runs down the middle of the horse or pony's face and is then spilt to be attached to the bit, just inside the bit rings in the same way that rubber bit guards are fitted.

It is design to be used with a snaffle bridle and is sometimes used with a sheepskin noseband to help keep the horse's head down to make it easier to control.

The rubber australian cheeker noseband helps to keep the bit higher in the horse's mouth and prevents a horse from getting its tongue over the bit.

The rubber rings of the australian noseband on each side of the bit help to stop the horse's bit being pulled through the mouth and out of place. 

 Advice about benefits and fitting of an australian cheeker noseband on a horse bridle